Subtle Aggression Monopoly

Subtle Aggression Monopoly

Members: Wes Ragland AKA Wes Grey, Jose Marks AKA P.O.E.T. X

Subtle Aggression is about to rock the St. Louis hip hop scene with their upcoming album We Don't Know Yet (to be released in 2018).  

A mix of Kid Cudi melodics, golden era-style flows and just enough mix of trap and demon speak, Subtle Aggression Monopoly is poised to dominate the Freshman class of St. Louis hip hop with eyes on the rest of the region and eventually the nation.  Find current project from S.A.M. on Soundcloud.

Subtle Aggression Monopoly (Uncle S.A.M) is a St. Louis based Hip-Hop group, that combines old and new school instrumentation with emphasis on intricate lyricism, rhyme schemes & social subject matter. Subtle Aggression aspires to serve as a catalyst in the reformation of the essence of Hip-Hop, and usher in change in the world around them.

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