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Mathias and the Pirates

Members: Mathias James, Mz. Vizion, DJ VThom

Soulful hip-hop made with a punk rock heart. We don’t fit into a box. We blend genres effortlessly and scoff at any suggestion that hip-hop is supposed to be one thing. We have a new EP out 12/9 called “Sadie the Goat”, fully produced by DJ Crucial and recorded by Matt Sawicki at the venerable Suburban Pro Studios in St. Louis, MO.

Mathias & The Pirates were formed out of unsettled waters. Mathias, Ms. Vizion & DJ LB were all finishing their time with Earthworms and Grea Tones respectively, and needed a new project to sink their brains into. They had all collaborated in the past and the results were great, so they quickly decided to join forces and make something beautiful for a world in turmoil.

The result was a finely crafted album entitled “Life of the Buzzard” – out on FarFetched Records in 2013. Sweeping hooks and powerful lyrics intertwine with big, beastly production and live instrumentation to make for an album unlike anything you have in your ipod.. or CD case for the old heads out there.
Coming soon to a village / cove / pirate ship near you.


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