About Us


FarFetched started as an idea.

It’s an experiment.

It’s a group of musicians coming together and realizing their collective efforts to help each other succeed faster than working solo. This small, but mighty group of artists formed the nucleus for the molecular cloud that became FarFetched. Managing and directing talents to be the best they can be.

Founded by Damon Davis in 2011, FarFetched is becoming the premier art imprint and artist management service in the MidWest as a result of the activity in the system. Beginning with the founder, all of FarFetched operates at a high level. Davis is an Emmy award winner, well-known producer (LooseScrewz/Damon Davis), visual artist and emcee (Scripts n’ Screwz) that has been in the media through channels like TED, Fader, PBS and MTV U for many years. Most recently, he co-directed the documentary Whose Streets? that was released nationwide through Magnolia Pictures (Freakonomics, Food, Inc., I Am Not Your Negro) August 11, 2017.

Director of Operations Darian Wigfall is a former Washington University scientist, formerly the Event Coordinator at community radio station 88.1 KDHX and is an avid activist in St. Louis, mentoring youth and authoring books about the lives of black youth. Wigfall recently received a proclamations as Super Hero for youth advocacy from State Representative Bruce Franks (D-78) for his work. Both Davis and Wigfall were featured in Fortune magazine for their business acumen and activism in 2016.

The third head of the triumverate is Charles Purnell. He has received recognition from Social Media Club of St. Louis for his innovative and effective ideas for the use of social media in business and is the digital marketing guru behind all of the FarFetched social media.

Circling around this newly formed star, are the planets - the artists of FarFetched. The closest planets to the star are acts like CaveofswordS, Hands and Feet, Subtle Aggression Monopoly and Mathias & The Pirates, who just appeared at LouFest - St. Louis’ biggest music festival in 2017. CaveofswordS spends at least a month each year touring the Midwest and spreading the gospel of FarFetched and CaveofswordS. Hands and Feet (played on NPR, won multiple awards from the Riverfront Times and even been distributed by a label in Mexico) and Mathias & The Pirates do their fair share of road shows as well. Subtle Aggression, however new, are already ending up on Hip Hop blogs and publications around the region.  

Planets orbiting further away are artists like Adult Fur and 18andcounting, who also just performed at LouFest 2017. His brick of music, TheBirdsAtThisHour is making waves in scenes in and out of St. Louis as well as his newest project, Animal Skins. Adult Fur is an amazing musician and co-founder of the app Picazzo. The many other artist planets rotating throughout the system that can all be found on this site. 

The future of FarFetched is certain. These artists are destined to dwell among the stars and the nucleus will eventually create a solid industry platform for St. Louis artists in general, as well as us - the wayward weirdos of the underground scene, to make a career for themselves and create their own success.