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Associated Art: 18andcounting & TheOnlyEnsemble, Screwed Arts Collective

StayBentStayBusy. LordHaveMerzy.

18andcounting has been spinning (DJing for the uninitiated) and rapping for audiences all over St. Louis.  He strives to break the boundaries of traditional music genres and push the industry forward.  None of his DJ sets are ever the same and his rhyme style is extremely unique Exhibited on his Farfetched release ‘UnstrumentalRaps’’. 18andcounting is one of the most honest emcees in the Saint Louis scene.  He's an astute observer.  He states, ‘everybody’s on that trap shit now, ain’t they?’, on the song.  He wants to get out of the ‘trap’ and into something more progressive to show everyone else the way out.

Thus spawned his latest works TheBirdsAtThisHour and Animal Skins with TheOnlyEnsemble. Consisting of 18ac (vocals/lead), Matt Boland (drums), Vie (violin/mandolin/synth), Brennan England (slide didgeridoo/melodica/singing bowl/synth) and HAI Q (drums), TheOnlyEnsemble is lighting stages on fire across the region.

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